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Pricing and Payment

We will forward to you a competitive quotation before we take on the assignment.

PhDeX will then require a agreement signed by both parties, stipulating the work to be done, and the agreed terms of payment. You may like to use a currency converter to see the current rates of exchange should your job originate from outside Australia. An Invoice for payment (including postage of marked theses back to your institution), will be generated upon completion of the job..

Pricing will depend on the length and complexity of the thesis in line with what would be expected for a "standard thesis". The above will also apply for technical writing and editing to bring the work to journal publication standard.

You can also request specific requirements at the time of quotation. Generally, we will quote on the basis of the volume and complexity of work required (eg number of pages equivalent to 250 words (Times New Roman 12); number of pages containing a standard complex figure and Figure legend, etc.).

If you require a faster turnaround, a sliding surcharge will apply on the basis of expediency.

For a "Standard Thesis" a 21 day turnaround is required and significant discounts apply should two or more examiners be required.

Where theses require examination with a turnaround time of less than 21 days, a surcharge will apply which we will indicate at the time of quotation. Our minimum turnaround time is 10 days (2 days for the quotation and 8 days for completion of the examination and forwarding of the report).

Contact us to organise a free, no obligation quote.