General Requirements for the Award of PhD

PhDeX will review any type of thesis or scholarly piece of work, however, given below is just an example of what may be expected in terms of a PhD thesis.

The requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) vary enormously between countries and awarding institutions and also the field of study.

  1. Generally, the PhD degree within the life and biomedical sciences is awarded on the presentation of a scholarly piece of original research work which meets certain criteria (see PhD details).
  2. The award of the PhD may also be dependant on a thesis defence or viva, where the candidate is asked to first formally present the work in the form of a seminar followed by a specific question and answer session by one or more experts chosen by the conferring institute.
  3. In almost all cases, one or more external, independent experts are also asked to examine and comment of the thesis. These comments can be used alone in assessing outcome, or in conjunction with a viva or thesis defence.

PhDeX Thesis Examination Services offers this independent expert evaluation of the thesis in line with the standards expected were the thesis to be judged by Australian experts and academics for conferring of the PhD degree by an accredited Australian University.

Feedback on all sections of the thesis as well as an overall summary and a list of selected questions for use in the viva session, are also provided as part of the PhDeX service.

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